Social Media, Communication, and Journalist Interns

UniqMusicMedia & UniqlyTru PR is looking for Social Media, Communication, and Journalist interns for our newest internship.
This won’t be your typical unpaid internship.


You will be creating your own works (writing blog posts/articles; creating and posting social media content, researching and pitching interviewees, creating interview questions and responsible for conducting interviews, and attending virtual music & film events around the USA & the world.

UniqlyTru PR 

You will be assisting with creating social media content for the company and/or our clients, researching and updating spreadsheets of contact for media, radio, and other outlets.

Job Description
Of course everything you send it will need to be approved, but don’t be shy about
sharing different events on places to attend as long as they are in line with our blog’s

You will be able to bring your ideas to the table to make the blog bigger & better as
time moves on.

You will be helping with updating as many as 1,000 contacts via Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIN, Facebook, Google.

Some of you will be helping with our website design for our blog and maintaining with posts.

Must be a current Junior or Senior at a high school in the United States or a Sophomore or Junior at an accredited college.
Must have knowledge in using Wix.
Knowledge of Microsoft Office 365, Adobe Spark, Google Drive, Dropbox, and Canva.
Has to have a love for Entertainment and are wanting to work in Media and
Entertainment (Preferably Music and Film).
Must be willing and comfortable talking with celebrities on a 1-on-1 basis for
interviews. (We will have someone on board to coach you.)
Must have a smartphone with audio/visual capabilities.

Must have a video conference app for video calls or training.