These duties are not listed by the level of importance, but rather what came to mind. 

  • Organize administrative emails. 

Categorize all the emails to the different labels so that everything stays organized. 

  • Scheduling appointments for Ivory 

Done through Outlook. 

Invite guests through Calendar. 

Scheduling day schedule reminders through separate Gmail acct. 

Pre-schedule emails to be sent out at 6:30 am every morning with an itinerary of Ivory’s day. 

Have a reminder set up for 30 mins before the appt. 

  • Creating meeting outlines and notes from meetings
  • Assist Rowdy to upload YouTube videos 
  • Being on set at the radio station to assist me with the research of current events to talk about (in January at my Brother’s place for the Podcast) to assist…(Sunday’s) 
  • Miscellaneous tasks such as …Assigning them tasks like creating an excel document with the lists of guests. 

Note: In the past, we have allowed our Interns to gain experience in other areas that may not be listed here due to their interest. If that is the case in the future, we will be in communication with you about this to make sure it is successful for all parties involved.