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For Minority Students.

Ensuring that low income/first generation students have equitable access to America’s most academically intense College programs and succeed at the highest levels.

Our Vision

To break the barriers for low income minority students that excel academically, and increase the opportunities for them to get into sought after institutions.

Our Mission

To offer low income minority students an affordable solution to their dream college.

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What's happening?

America’s racial and ethnic minorities are the fastest-growing sectors in the country and they make up a disproportionately large segment of the economically poor population.

Even though, at the moment, African Americans and Hispanic Americans make up 22 percent of the general population, they represent only 19 percent of undergraduate enrollment and 14 percent of undergraduate degrees. On the graduate level they represent less than 12 percent of the enrolled students and they make up 8 percent of the graduate degrees.

Why is this case?

It is proven to be significantly more difficult for low-income students to get into college. This is not a result of a lack intelligence or motivation; it is most often attributed to the lack of resources in low-income areas. Schools in these areas often do not have the means to offer advanced placement classes or SAT and ACT prep classes. This leads to a lack of preparation on the student’s part and this in turn results in lower standardized test scores.

Moreover, even when they get into college they face a new set of challenges; not being able to have access to professional mentors and tutors to guide them during their first contact with this new academic environment, and they might lack someone that can show them the ropes concerning the process and repercussions of asking for student loans.

That's why we are here

College Thriver provides students with the access to affordable solutions for college admissions, student housing, transportation, counseling and scholarships. This solution gives low income students a hand up to becoming more successful in life.

Our Programs



We walk students through the admissions process from
beginning to end, providing constant feedback and
help in every stage of the way.



We help prepare students to maximize their test scores for the ACT and SAT. Your score is relevant to many schools acceptance guidelines. The higher the score the more choice you have.


We provide assistance with essay writing for college applications. Essays are a very important part of the college process.

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We offer internship opportunities to work in a small
business for a few hours per month. This helps
prepare and give real life experiences for

about us


College Thriver, Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that caters to the needs of minoritieslow income, and under-served individuals who academically excel, but do not have the resources or the means to enroll in prestigious colleges and/or complete college.

College Thriver has identified the main resources that minorities and low-income people need when considering enrolling in their “dream” college, as well as the day to day challenges of staying in college. As a result of these findings, College Thriver Inc. supports the student to enroll in the college of their dream with focused programs that support them from the beginning to graduation day.

Upcoming Events

A virtual graduation celebration for the class of 2020 hosted by College Thriver with a TikTok competition, scholarship giveaways, & more!

Are you or do you know a high school senior who is not able to celebrate their graduation as planned? Then you do not want to miss out on this virtual graduation celebration! Attendees will be able to participate in a TikTok competition for a chance to win cash prizes along with scholarship giveaways and other fun prizes for seniors!

Leading up to the event, there will be a spirit week starting on Monday June 22nd:

  • Monday- Messy Hair Day #IWokeUpLikeThis
  • Tuesday- Tacky Tuesday
  • Wednesday- TikTok It Out with your best exit dance out of high school
  • Thursday- Senior Skip Day
  • Friday- Brunch and Learn
  • Saturday- Go live on College Thriver Facebook page in your cap and gown and have a parent screaming in background!

All submissions must be uploaded with the hashtags #collegethriver #covid19 #virtualgraduation and winners will be announced the following Monday.

Register now to attend and win $5000 in scholarships and prizes!


Meet Ocelee Q

When I first met my advisor she was helping me figure out what career path to take and the best classes to take to get me where I wanted to be. She made the process of going back to school easy and painless. The friendly voice and the smile on the other end of the phone helped me know I was making the right choice.
I recommend this page because I know she will help others who may be hesitant just like I was about going back to school or wanting to start school to get their college degree(s). She’s integral and truly cares about the success of others and want to see them flourish and win.

Meet Yulanda R

I didn’t know how to help my son on his college career. I would post on fb asking for help and like a blessing she is, College Thriver stepped in. They asked simple questions and told me she’s able to help with finding scholarships and college prep. She’s very easy to contact and responds promptly. If you haven’t already please check them out. You won’t be left hanging or in the cold. Thank you again!!!